Matthew (matthew_ml_201) wrote in benedictvm_xvi,

Removal of Recent Thread


We just wanted to let everyone know that the latest post made here was deleted since it was determined to be spam. This being so, we also believe that the user who made this post, “overkillit”, was unaware that the aforementioned material was, in fact, spam connected with old urban legend. This being said, we ask that everyone realize that this user’s post was not meant to annoy anyone, but rather to provide information that the user felt was of a serious (and potentially life-threatening) nature. The post was removed as it was obvious that some user were unhappy with its presence, however, we appreciate the efforts of the user who made the post in the effort of helping others.

Please be aware that we do not wish to censor information or limit the freedom that users of this community have in making posts. We welcome any topics loosely related to our Holy Father or the Church as a whole (including topics of morality and ethics). In cases such as this, where a user believes that hading out information could save a life; we encourage a post to be made. It is a simple matter to delete a post that is determined to be irrelevant. It is impossible to turn back time if a person is injured to killed.

Thank you,

The Administration
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