The Supreme Roman Pontiff His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

"Truth is not determined by a majority vote"

"Pope Benedict XVI"
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Pope Benedict XVI, the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany

Amamus Benedictum XVI!

Viva il Papa!

This community is dedicated to our Holy Father and to the open discussion of topics related to the election and pontificate of the new Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI.

Discussion in forum is open to any and all topics related to the new Vicar of Christ, the late Pope John Paul II, Catholicism, Church teaching, tradition, morality, the Mass, or any other directly or indirectly related topics. Civil debate is welcomed; however, please note that senseless name-calling or other improper etiquette is not welcome. If you make a strong statement, be prepared to back up your thoughts with objective facts.

This community is open to individuals of any religion and/or political stance.

It should be noted that all of the moderators of this community are orthodox Roman Catholics who support the election of our new Pontiff. Posts from any religious or political viewpoints are welcome, but please attempt to be respectful when discussing the Church and its subsidiaries.

If you make a post that solely is meant to annoy other members, the administration of this forum cannot guarantee that subsequent comments made will be any more tactful than your initial post. Pointless posts which irritate other members and lack a logical argument (a.k.a. “flames”) are prohibited.

If a post is deemed unacceptable, it will be removed by the moderators and an explanation will likely be made in most circumstances (but is not obligatory). If a user continues to make unwelcome posts, the violators Internet Service Provider will be contacted for a TOS (Terms of Service) violation.

Membership in this community is open to anyone in LiveJournal-Land. Currently, new membership requests are automatically accepted and are not screened in the hope that all those who are interested will be able to join this forum easily. Additionally, all members have posting privileges and new posts are not screened for easy use of the forum by all. You must, however, be a member in order to post in this community. Please feel free to join if you have any interest in posting here. Note: these administrative policies are subject to change in the event that this community becomes subject to misuse.

Please note: Vulgarity, profanity, swearing, etc. are NOT PERMMITTED IN THIS COMMUNITY! Such language is offensive to many people, including the moderators of this community. Please keep in mind that this community is viewable by anyone on the internet, and therefore young children may very well see the content of this forum. It should be noted that this ban on inappropriate language INCLUDES USER NAMES. Thank you in advance for your observance of this rule.

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Welcome to all!